Arrma Notorious 6S BLX V5 17mm Aluminum Wheel Hex w/ Wheel Nuts & Pins


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  • (4) 17mm Aluminum Wheel Hex
  • (4) Aluminum Wheel Nuts
  • (4) Pins
  • (4) Set Screws

Parts removed from a brand new Arrma Notorious 6S BLX V5 (RTR Model No. ARA8611V5). Part numbers for reference only. Factory packaging not included. You will receive the parts exactly as pictured.

Part #:

  • AR310484 – Wheel Hex Aluminum 17mm (16.5mm Thick) Red
  • AR310449 – Wheel Nut Aluminum 17mm Black
  • AR713009 – Pin 2.5X16.8mm
  • AR724505 – Set Screw 5X5mm

Additional information


RTR Takeoff – These parts were expertly removed from a brand new RTR model and bundled in our custom packaging. Parts may have slight marks and/or factory fluids or grease from the assembly and/or disassembly process. Parts are sold "as-is" with no warranty.


No Warranty