Arrma Senton V3 4×4 Mega Slipper Clutch Spur Gear Assembly 91T,48DP


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  • Complete factory built slipper clutch assembly
  • Updated V3 slipper pads with specially designed castellated shape for maximum torque transfer efficiency

Parts from a brand new Arrma Senton V3 4×4 Mega (RTR Model No. ARA4203V3). Part numbers for reference only. Factory packaging not included. You will receive the parts exactly as pictured.

Factory part numbers:

  • AR310808 – Composite Slipper Clutch Nut (1 included)
  • AR310793 – Slipper Spring
  • AR310794 – Slipper Shaft (Red)
  • ARA311030 – Spur Gear (91T,48DP)
  • ARA310994 – Slipper Pad
  • AR310789 – Slipper Hub
  • ARA610046 – Ball Bearing 10x15x4mm (1 included)