Arrma Typhon V3 4X4 Mega Slipper Clutch Spur Gear Assembly 91T,48DP


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  • Complete factory built slipper clutch assembly
  • Updated V3 slipper pads with specially designed castellated shape for maximum torque transfer efficiency

Parts from a brand new Arrma Typhon V3 4X4 Mega (RTR Model No. ARA4206V3). Part numbers for reference only. Factory packaging not included. You will receive the parts exactly as pictured.

Factory part numbers:

  • AR310808 – Composite Slipper Clutch Nut (1 included)
  • AR310793 – Slipper Spring
  • AR310794 – Slipper Shaft (Red)
  • ARA311030 – Spur Gear (91T,48DP)
  • ARA310994 – Slipper Pad
  • AR310789 – Slipper Hub
  • ARA610046 – Ball Bearing 10x15x4mm (1 included)