FMS FCX18 Chevrolet K10 1/18 Scale RTR Mini Rock Crawler (Black)


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Introducing the FCX18 Chevrolet K10, the latest addition to the FMS FCX18 series, embodying Chevrolet’s heritage and off-road prowess. Crafted for small-scale crawling, it boasts a rugged chassis and a 180 Brushed Motor for exceptional durability and power. With its advanced features like metal ball bearings, metal steering servo, and four-link suspension system, it’s engineered for stability and reliability on any terrain. The included 900mAh battery ensures extended playtime, while its meticulously designed components, such as metal hydraulic shock absorbers and high-spec portal axle, deliver unparalleled performance.


  • (1) 1:18 FCX18 K10
  • (1) MG41-BS Transmitter
  • (1) R4A1 Receiver (installed)
  • (1) 180 Brushed Motor (installed)
  • (1) 7.4V 900mAh Battery (installed)
  • (1) USB Battery Charger
  • (1) Hex Wrench Socket
  • (1) Product Manual

Required to Complete:

  • (4) AAA Batteries for Transmitter


Car Size 336 x 139 x 139mm
Wheelbase 199mm
Tire Size Φ66 x 22mm
Ground Clearance 40mm
Approach Angle 70°
Departure Angle 33°
Motor 180 Brushed Motor
Battery 2S Lipo 7.4V 900mAh
Remote Control Distance 30m
Approx. Operating Duration 45-60 minutes

Restore The Authentic Off-Road Performance

The rugged chassis construction of the FCX18 K10 provides excellent strength and durability. It can withstand strong impacts and heavy loads, and the optimized design of the chassis safeguards the stability and reliability of the vehicle, allowing the car to stay steady in all kinds of terrain and conditions, enjoy the challenge, and enjoy an unparalleled off-road experience.

Stable, Flexible, Durable

Metal beams have higher strength and stability, which helps to provide excellent chassis performance. More effectively disperse impacts and reduce damage to parts.

Two-Speed Transmission

The FCX18 two-speed transmission offers an excellent driving experience–whether accelerating quickly or climbing slowly, players can easily switch gears according to actual needs. High-speed transmission provides excellent speed and power, allowing players to race on flat roads; low-speed transmission provides stronger torque and traction, allowing players to easily cope with steep slopes and rugged terrain, and switch between two modes with one button.

Simple, Flexible, Sensitive

The classic flysky MG41 transmitter makes the control more simple and intuitive, flexible and free.

24 Metal Ball Bearings

The FCX18 K10 has 24 metal ball bearings, ensuring that every part can run smoothly. Ball bearings reduce the friction between the parts and improve the power transmission efficiency. This creates a smooth driving feeling and more reliable control.

Metal Steering Servo

Using metal rather than plastic for the servo means more stability and reliability. Whether it is in high-speed driving or intense off-roading, the metal steering servo can maintain precise control, ensuring that the vehicle responds quickly and stably. It not only improves the driving fun but also increases the overall durability of the car.

A Wide Selection Of Upgrades

In terms of performance, we have set up a rich range of accessories for players, such as: metal bevel gears, metal differentials, metal drive shafts and other metal upgrade parts with texture, bringing more advanced fun and gameplay to players.

Personalized Trailers & Decoration

To enhance the visual effect of the players and make the vehicle stand out, we provide 3 trailer upgrade combinations and also add personalized and interesting decoration options, making it show unique features and charm in different scenes.

Long-Lasting Battery – Uninterrupted Happiness

FCX18 K10 is equipped with a 900mAh battery, which has a battery life that is almost equivalent to 2.5 times the power of the same-scale models on the market, so no matter in any venue or at any time, the K10 delivers plenty of torque and horsepower for an hour of uninterrupted play in any venue!

180 Brushed Motor

The K10’s 180 brushed motor can easily handle flat, mountainous, sandy or snowy terrain, allowing players to enjoy the ultimate off-road fun. No complicated controller is needed, just connect to the power supply and it can run. It can also adapt to various harsh environments and is not afraid of high temperature, low temperature, humidity, dust, etc. Even if it has been used for a long time, it can be restored to a new state by replacing the carbon brushes.

Four-Link Suspension System

The carefully designed geometric structure and material selection of the four-link suspension system make it more effective in dispersing and absorbing the impact and vibration of the vehicle in different road conditions, maintaining balance and stability, and enabling the car to effortlessly pass various challenges.

High-specification Portal Axle

The high-spec portal axle design effectively increases the ground clearance of the differential, thereby improving the vehicle’s passability, and also bringing more excellent suspension adaptability to the whole vehicle.

All-Terrain Tires And Electroplated Wheel Hubs

The FCX18 K10 matches soft large-size all-terrain tires with high-fidelity electroplated wheel hubs. The tires have high abrasion resistance and low noise characteristics, allowing the vehicle to drive easily on any road surface, whether it is climbing difficult and rugged terrain, or speeding down a dirt path, the tire can firmly grasp every inch of the ground and the player’s control and fun will not be compromised. The K10’s electroplated wheel hubs make the model dazzle in the sun. Electroplating not only gives the car a beautiful finish, but also offers anti-rust and anti-scratch functions.

Metal Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

The FCX18 series is equipped with precisely tuned metal hydraulic shock absorbers, bringing more stable shock absorption and cushioning capabilities to the K10, thereby restoring the excellent driving posture of the real vehicle to a higher degree. The coil spring provides stable support and elasticity to maintain balance on bumpy terrain. The hydraulic shock absorber optimizes the vehicle’s suspension system by adjusting the flow of liquid through the shocks. The synergy of the two helps the vehicle maintain a stable posture and cope easily with various challenges.

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