Hot Racing Brass Diff Cover For Axial SCX24


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The Hot Racing heavy brass cover for SCX24 axles is a high-performance upgrade designed to enhance the crawling capabilities of your vehicle. Crafted from CNC machined solid brass billet, this cover adds 9g of low and central weight, effectively lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity for increased stability and improved crawling performance. The increased thickness over the stock cover not only adds weight but also enhances toughness. This cover is versatile, fitting either the front or rear axle.

  • (1) Brass Differential Cover
  • CNC machined solid brass billet
  • Adds 9g of low and central weight to lower and centralize the vehicle’s center of gravity, increase its stability, and make it an overall more capable crawler
  • Increased thickness over stock cover for additional toughness and weight
  • Fits either the front or rear
  • Width: 14.33 mm
  • Height: 24 mm
  • Weight: 9g
  • Replaces stock plastic Solid Axle cover

Part #: SXTF12CH

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