Hot Racing Cooling Fan (25x25x7mm) For TRXM180H Heatsink (MH252F)


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Upgrade your TRXM180H heat sink with the Hot Racing Blower Fan, designed for enhanced cooling, efficiency, and performance. It features a 25x25x7mm fan with nine blades, and a black anodized aluminum fan stand that offers two mounting positions and adjustable angles for flexibility.

  • One (1) 25 x 25 x 7 mm fan
  • Four (4) mounting screw and nut
  • Forced airflow over motor heat sink to increase cooling for improved efficiency and performance
  • 25x25x7mm 9-blade fan
  • Black anodized aluminum Fan stand with two mounting position and adjustable angle


  • Medium strength thread lock (blue threadlocking compound) on fan mount screws
  • Ensure fan blades are protected


  • Fan Size: 25x25x7mm
  • Input Voltage: 7.2 (8.4V max)

Part #: MH252F

NOTE: Can be powered from receiver or direct from battery. Make sure battery is under 8.4 V.

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