Hot Racing High Torque N42 11T 180 Motor For Traxxas TRX4-M (TRXM180N9)


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Upgrade your Traxxas TRX-4M with the Hot Racing 180 Can High Torque 98T Motor featuring a high torque N42 magnet and 11T brass gear, ideal for rock climbing. This motor has a perfect fit, weighs only 40 grams and comes complete with wire and a motor capacitor. Enhance your TRX-4Ms performance with this precision-engineered motor and gear combo.

  • One (1) 180 HT 98T motor with 11T brass gear with wire and motor capacitor
  • CNC Hardened steel construction, black finished


  • High Torque N42 Magnet and 98T Rotor
  • Tuned for Rock Climbing
  • Brass Pinion Gear: 0.4Mod 11T
  • Rated Voltage: 7.4 V
  • Total length: 33mm
  • Output Shaft length: 9mm
  • Output Shaft OD: 2mm
  • Weight: 40 g

Part #: TRXM180N9

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