Hot Racing Threaded Aluminum Shocks Full Set For Traxxas TRX4-M (TRXM51DP08)


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Elevate your TRX-4M’s performance with Hot Racing’s Threaded Aluminum Shocks. Crafted from precision CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum, these shocks offer outstanding durability and precision. They feature oil dampening with rubber bladders and bleeder screws for easy maintenance, ensuring consistent handling over various terrains. The threaded shock bodies allow fine-tuning of shock preload, while stainless steel shock shafts enhance longevity. This kit includes two sets of springs (soft black and stiff silver), providing versatility for your driving needs. Upgrade to these shocks for better damping, easier maintenance, and improved handling, replacing your stock plastic body shocks seamlessly for a more consistent and enjoyable RC crawling experience.

  • Four (4) assembled shocks
  • Two (2) sets of springs
  • Eight (8) M2.5×12 button head cap screws
  • Eight (8) aluminum shock eye bushings
  • CNC machined 6061-T6 shock bodies, caps, spring adjusters (collars), and spring retainers
  • Oil dampened shocks with rubber bladders
  • Bleeder screws for easy shock maintenance
  • Threaded shock bodies for fine tuning of shock preload
  • Stainless steel shock shafts
  • Two spring sets: black (soft) and silver (stiff)
  • Replaces stock plastic body shocks for more consistent handling and better damping over jumps and bumps


  • Length eye-to-eye: 51mm
  • Springs: ~9mm ID
  • Silicone shock oil of modelers choice

Part #: TRXM51DP08

NOTE: Fits all versions of the Traxxas TRX4- M. Replacement of Traxxas part # 9764

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