Hot Racing Rear HD Torsional Sway Bar Set For Traxxas UDR


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Hot Racing’s rear anti-sway bar set for the Traxxas UDR vehicles.


  • ┬áDesigned for quick response, this system use a 3mm spring steel torsion bar to keeps torque twist and body lean to a minimum during acceleration and cornering
  • HD 3mm sway bar tuning
  • Aluminum sway bar arms have three mounting positions to fine tune the anti-sway bar
  • Anti-sway bar arms and links are anodized red and Black F0RDurability, corrosion resistance, and great looks Easy bolt-on application


  • One (1) stiff spring steel torsion sway bar
  • Two (2) aluminum anti-sway bar arms
  • Two (2) aluminum anti-sway bar links
  • One 3.1mm drill bit
  • Mounting hardware, including screws, bushings, washers, spacers, and o-rings
  • Use the provided drill bit to enlarge the Sway-bar hole to 3mm
  • Recommended to use a removable-type locking adhesive on screws threading into metal
  • Tighten setscrew that attaches anti-sway bar arm to the bar itself snugly, but not over-tight. Use a removable threadlock on the setscrew and check tightness regularly.
  • For the front sway bar set, order Hot Racing UDR311F

Enhance your 1/7th scale Traxxas UDR vehicle’s performance with Hot Racing’s rear anti-sway bar set. Minimize torque twist and body lean during acceleration and cornering using the 3mm spring steel torsion bar. With its durable aluminum sway bar arms offering three mounting positions for tuning, easy installation with provided hardware, and improved handling, this upgrade is a must-have for your off-road adventures.

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