JConcepts Starfish Mambo, 2.2 x 3.0″ 12mm Hex Rear Wheels (JCO3415B)


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This 3-piece design pinches and holds the Mambos tire assembly together while providing one of the most scale looks on the circuit. Drag cars turn serious RPM’s, and the tires are under tremendous centrifugal force while accelerating. The beadlock setup is constantly under stress to hold the assembly together. This system is recommended only while using 2s power, and for normal on-track passes only. *Do not free rev the vehicle while using beadlock wheels.

The Starfish beadlock wheel is a 5 spoke option for the most hardcore street racers wanting to run the wider rear tire option. The wheel is designed with a high 3D impression, and made from durable proprietary materials. The wide-stance design has a thickness throughout the spoke area, but is completely recessed on the inside for weight reduction. The 3-pieces clamp together like a vice, with machined aluminum outer beadlock and inner griping points to keep the assembly together.

The wheels fit a vast number of vehicles for anyone looking to undertake a Street Eliminator project, and accept a 12mm hex drive. Popular vehicles which use the Starfish Mambo wheels include, the Traxxas Slash, Bandit, Rustler as well as the popular line-up of Team Associated short course trucks and the purpose built DR10.

The matte black look gives the wheels a seriously stealth appearance, and the aluminum, black anodized beadlock gives class leading style straight out of the package. These wheels match perfectly with JConcepts Mambos tires (#3117) for the wide-body Street Eliminator look.


  • 1:1 inspired beadlock Starfish 12mm hex design
  • Wide “Mambos” design, 2.2 x 3.0″ configuration
  • 3-piece design with aluminum machined beadlock ring
  • Durable design, finish, and material
  • Integrated spoke and inner ribbing
  • Included 3mm hardware

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