LRP ZR.28 Spec. 4 Nitro Engine w/Pull Start LRP32803


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The LRP Nitro Engine ZR.28 Spec. 4 Pull Start features many updates compared to the Spec. 3 nitro engine. The pull start, cooling head and carburetor slide have all been improved to provide more power and durability. While this engine is a .28 it will fit in a .21 engine mount allowing for a wide range of uses. Package includes one nitro engine, one R5 glow plug and one collet.


  • Big block size
  • Updated cylinder head
  • XTEC 15S-2 carburetor
  • LRP Platinum/Iridium R5 glow plug included
  • XTEC T6 engine housing
  • Ultra strong pull start

Class: 1/8th Offroad Buggys/Truggys
Displacement: .28 (4.57cc)
Bore: 18.50mm
Hub: 17.00mm
Power: 3.93 HP
RPM: 33,900 RPM
Ports: 5 + 1
Glow Plug: LRP Standard R5 (LRP35051)
Carburetor: XTEC PowerCarb3 15S-2 with 9mm Venturi
Weight: 420g

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