Maclan Extreme Drag Race Graphene 2s6p 200C LiPo Battery (7.4V/10000mAh) w/QS8 Connector


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The Maclan 2S 200C Extreme Drag Race Graphene LiPo Battery is the next step in performance drag racing batteries. Designed specifically for No Prep Outlaw Drag Racing, these batteries are made from high grade cells to offer higher output power for less voltage drops. This battery features 8AWG wires and a pre-soldered QS8 connector to help flow peak current throughout the pass. Package includes one LiPo battery.


  • Designed specifically for No Prep Outlaw Drag Race
  • DRK 2S6P configuration
  • DRK ultra-low internal resistance cells
  • DRK enhanced copper busbar for maximum performance
  • 8AWG output wires
  • QS8 connector

Voltage: 2S HV (7.6V)
Configuration: 2S6P Soft Pack
Capacity: 10000mAh
Watt Hours: 76
Wire Gauge: 8AWG
Connector: QS8
Dimensions: 100x61x46mm
Weight: 540g

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