Mugen Seiki Front/Rear Universal Driveshaft Set


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This is a set of two Mugen front or rear universal driveshafts, and are intended for use with the Mugen MBX6, MBX7 and MBX8 1/8 scale buggies. Package includes the CV bones, CV axles, and coupler hardware needed to build two complete CV driveshafts.

Part #: MUGE0220


  • Mugen MBX6 Original
  • Mugen MBX6E ECO
  • Mugen MBX6R
  • Mugen MBX7 Original
  • Mugen MBX8 ECO
  • Mugen MBX8 Original
  • Mugen MBX8R
  • Mugen MBX8R ECO

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