Pimp Juice RC Drag Racing Traction Compound (4oz) (25% Stickier!) FNA-1001


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Pimp Juice RC Drag Racing Traction Compound isn’t just a relabeled tire sauce taken from the 1:1 drag world. This is the same “glue” used by the outlaw racers from the 405 and all over the country, formulated specifically for RC drag racing! This is a 100% original formula, not just a copy of a copy. It’s compounded from raw materials in the Farmtruck & AZN labs, by their very own chemist. This “25% stickier” blend includes 25% more polymers, and is stickier than the drag race formula!

This ethanol based blend has been packaged in the popular Mckune dauber top bottle (MDR10001) to make application clean and easy. The bottle is re-useable and replacement dauber tips are available separately (MDR10002).  So if you have been searching for ultimate grip – take your program to the next level and grab a bottle of Pimp Juice to get hooked up.

Directions For Use:

  • Shake well
  • Apply to a clean tire
  • Allow to dry for approximately 5-10 minutes, or until tire becomes tacky and shine minimizes
  • Do a burnout to heat tires, or apply tire warmers
  • Different rubber compounds may require slightly different application techniques – experiment to find what works best with your setup!