Redcat Ascent-18 1/18 Scale RTR RC Crawler (Blue)


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Launch Price: $99.99

Redcat is offering a special launch price of $99.99 for the Ascent-18 crawler until May 1st, 2024, after which it’ll be $119.99.

Despite being new to the small-scale crawling scene, Redcat is introducing competitive, feature-rich mini crawlers at an unbeatable price to capture the market’s interest. With experience in the 1:10 scale crawling community, Redcat brings the same level of quality and affordability to the 1:18 scale crawler market with the Ascent-18. Packed with high-end features like ball bearings, hex drive hardware, portal axles, and a powerful 180-sized motor, it offers exceptional performance in a compact size. With an impressive steering angle for maneuverability, the Ascent-18 is built for success. Its precision metal geared micro servo and aluminum chassis rails provide stability and control, while portal axles and machined aluminum spools ensure reliable traction. With a front tilt body mounting system for easy maintenance and a high-quality 2.4Ghz radio system for precise control, it’s ready to run out of the box.


  • 1:18 scale brushed RC crawler
  • 2.4 GHz radio system
  • 750mAh 2S lipo battery
  • Battery charger

Required to Complete:

  • 4 AA batteries from transmitter


  • Ball bearings:¬†The Ascent-18 uses ball bearings, instead of bushings, throughout the vehicle to ensure smooth operation and longevity, setting it apart in the 1:18 scale crawler market.
  • Hex hardware:¬†We have used high quality hex hardware for durability and ease of routine maintenance.
  • Impressive steering angle:¬†The Ascent-18 features an impressive amount of steering. Its steering angle helps the Ascent-18 to pull through tight situations while navigating its way through gnarly obstacles.
  • Precision metal geared micro servo:¬†The included Hexfly HX-M4K 4kg coreless metal gear micro servo may be small, but it packs a punch.
  • Aluminum chassis rails:¬†A 2mm flat rail aluminum chassis is the perfect balance of strength and performance. It‚Äôs lightweight allows the Ascent-18 to glide over obstacles while providing a rigid backbone for stable performance.
  • Portal axles:¬†Portal axles offer the benefits of increased ground clearance and reduced torque twist. Metal portal gears, ring gears and pinion gears are used to ensure the Ascent-18 runs smoothly time after time.
  • Machined aluminum spools:¬†The machined aluminum spools help to maintain constant traction to all four tires.
  • 7mm wheel hexes:¬†7mm wheel hexes allow the driver to choose from many popular wheel and tire options on the market today.
  • Aluminum capped oil filled shocks:¬†Smooth action aluminum-capped oil filled shocks ensure consistent performance on every trail.
  • Powerful 180 sized motor:¬†The included 180 size motor is the biggest motor we could fit in such a small crawler. Additionally, there are already many motor upgrade options on the market today that will drop right into this amazing little crawler.
  • Front tilt body:¬†The Ascent-18’s front tilt body mounting system simplifies maintenance and enhances its aesthetic appeal. The quarter turn locking mechanism makes keeping up with body clips a thing of the past.
  • 2.4Ghz radio system:¬†The included high quality 2.4Ghz radio system offers dual rates, channel reversing and trims for precision control. The receiver and ESC, which are built into a single compact unit, keep weight to a minimum and also maximize this tiny crawler‚Äôs chassis real estate. Ready-To-Run (RTR): The ascent-18 is completely Ready-To-Run and includes all electronics, radio, rechargeable 750 mAh 2S LIPO battery pack and charger.
  • Available brass performance hop up parts include:¬†Inner portal axle box, outer portal axle box cover, servo mounting bracket, diff covers, front/rear upper links, front/rear lower links, steering link, center skid plate, and wheel hexes.
  • Available aluminum performance hop up parts include:¬†Servo mounting bracket, diff covers, front/rear upper links, front/rear lower links, steering link, shock bodies, center skid plate, and servo horn.
  • Available steel performance hop up parts include:¬†Steel transmission gear set.

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