Sweep Racing Carbides Soft Compound Silver Dot 1/8th Buggy Tire Set Pre-Glued Yellow Dish Wheels 4pcs


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  • Set of 4 Factory Mounted and Glued Silver Dot Carbides 1/8th Buggy Tires w/ Closed Cells on Yellow Dish Wheels
  • (4) Sweep Racing Carbides Silver Dot (Soft Compound) 1/8 Buggy Tire Set
    • Sweep tires and wheels are known for precision manufacturing and near perfect balance which results in it spinning true for even wear and the most traction.
    • Pre-glued and pre-punctured with 2 sets of 3mm holes.
    • The Carbides scraps hard packed surfaces with carving power the tracks calling for
    • This tire features an all-new Ver.4 Core carcass to provide minimal ballooning during acceleration for a more precision feel
  • (4) Sweep Yellow Dish Wheels V5
    • Part Number: 42205
    • 83mm ROAR maximum diameter.
    • Light weight at only 34 grams
    • Perfect balance for more traction and better handling.
    • Glue path keeps glue off the inserts.
    • This is Sweeps 5th Gen Dish 8th buggy wheels, featuring fine tuned side gluing beads.
    • Based on V4 wheel which made it’s debut in 2012 IFMAR, made out of stiffer nylon, still feather weight light but with less flex resulting in more traction.
    • Re-designed sidewall is more rigid for less digging into the ground
  • (4) Sweep Closed Cell Foams
    • Part Number: 42305
    • Sweep’s latest closed cells foams for 8th scale buggy, perfect foam density for today’s surface with vertical cut design to absorb impacts
    • This closed cell inserts have several advantages over the molded grooved inserts: increased durability, water resistance, reduced tire roll deformation while cornering and also lighter weight – which always helps!
    • Sweep Team drivers reporting the new inserts result in better cornering and acceleration.

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