Tekno RC EB48 2.1 1/8th 4WD Competition Electric Buggy Kit (TKR9003)


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Tekno RC is excited to present the EB48 2.1, the newest generation of electric 1/8th scale buggy. Tekno RC has always taken the electric buggy class very seriously, and the EB48 2.1 continues this legacy. Our electric conversion kits were among the first in the industry, and the EB48 was the first 1/8th scale electric kit designed for competition. Ebuggy is deeply ingrained in Tekno RC’s DNA, and we’ve brought the same level of care, innovation, and fun to the EB48 2.1 that you’ve come to rely on. We’re confident you will be able to bring this new buggy to the track and be competitive at all levels of RC racing, or for it to be at home producing insane, incredibly enjoyable bash sessions.

After the success of the NB48 2.1, we wanted our dedicated electric racers to immediately experience the same wonderful updates, performance improvements, and durability enhancements as our nitro racers. The EB48 2.1 includes many of the same great features found on the NB48 2.1, as well as an electric-specific improvement. In addition to continuing to take full-size 4s packs, the EB48 2.1 now provides outstanding support for 4s shorty packs in either the front or rear weight bias configuration.

Many of the 2.0 upgrades, such as the revised shock towers, Ackerman spindle plates, tall wing mount, more durable gearboxes, and chassis braces, are standard features on the EB48 2.1. How many companies would have stopped there and released a kit? Not Tekno RC!

Our designers created entirely new rear arms and hubs with adjustable roll center, extending the industry’s already longest arms to an incredible 112mm in length. They made a new chassis with lowered hinge pin braces, which significantly improved the buggy’s handling. New differentials and rear springs were developed, and since they were such a game changer, we made them backward compatible and released them as soon as possible.

The new front end geometry, however, is one of the most revolutionary changes to the 2.1 platform. We knew that lengthening the front camber link would improve stability and predictability, but a camber link nearly the length of the arm had never been attempted in a C-hub car before. We tried for years and created several prototypes that significantly improved handling but were not durable enough or didn’t provide the desired setup adjustments. It wasn’t until recently that we came up with a completely new design that met all of the requirements.

EB48 2.1 Features

  • Revised 4mm CNC 7075 Aluminum Hard Anodized Lightened Chassis
  • New CNC 7075 LRC Pivot Blocks All Around
  • New CNC 7075 Long Link Spindle Carriers
  • New NC 7075 Rear Shock Tower w/ Adjustable Wingmount Height
  • 3 Fluid Filled Differentials Tuneable to Any Track Condition
  • New Longer Rear Arms w/ Outer Steel Sleeves
  • New Rear Hubs w/ Adjustable Roll Center
  • New Spindles w/ Adjustable Ackerman and Axle Height
  • 16mm Bore Extra Long Stroke Shocks Front and Rear
  • All Metric Hardware

Required to Complete:

  • 2-channel radio system (transmitter/receiver)
  • Motor and ESC
  • Mod1 Pinion Gear
  • Steering Servo
  • Wheels and Tires
  • 4S LiPo battery and charger
  • Body Paint

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