Tekno RC Steering Bellcrank & Differential Top Plate Set (Updated) (use with TKR8100)


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This is an optional Tekno RC Composite Split Center Differential Mount. This is an inexpensive way to put a split center diff mount on your EB/ET/SCT/SL vehicle. These composite parts come standard on the SCT410.3 and EB48 SL and require the TKR5260 motor mount base for installation.

Part #: TKR8104


  • Tekno RC EB48 Original
  • Tekno RC EB48.2
  • Tekno RC EB48.3
  • Tekno RC EB48.4
  • Tekno RC EB48SL
  • Tekno RC ET48 Original
  • Tekno RC ET48.3
  • Tekno RC MT410
  • Tekno RC SCT410 Original
  • Tekno RC SCT410.3

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