Yeah Racing Aluminum Endurance Conversion Kit For HPI Sprint 2 Orange (SPT2-S02OR)


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Introducing the Endurance Upgrade Set for the HPI Sprint 2 which allows the car to be run at high speed in conjunction with high power brushless and LiPo systems that are so common these days.

Newly developed front and rear shock towers that allow a vast variety of shock angles and positions. These new shock towers will also accommodate different length shocks.

Aluminum Bulkheads for the front and rear that incorporates the lower suspension pin mount. This will make the car much more stable for modern Brushless and LiPo power when compared to the original plastic part.

Aluminum Ball Bearing Hubs also designed for modern power systems which will perform much more efficient with aluminum drive train components.

Stop the battery from moving and affecting handling in an unpredictable way with these new aluminum battery posts. Original plastic ones would flex and allow the battery to move around the chassis.

Adjustable belt tensioner made from aluminum will prolong belt life as it keeps the belt down and transmitting power as it should. Without one, there is a chance for the belt to skip and wear out drive train components faster.

Please note that this is a conversion kit for the HPI Sprint 2 and not a complete car.


  • For: HPI Sprint 2
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Orange


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