Yeah Racing HPI Sprint 2 Yeah Racing Aluminum Essential Conversion Kit Orange


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  • Yeah Racing Aluminum Essential Conversion Kit For HPI Sprint 2 Orange
    • Aluminum Front Lower Arm Set #SPT2-001OR
    • Aluminum Rear Lower Arm Set #SPT2-002OR
    • Aluminum Bearing C-Hub #SPT2-005OR
    • Aluminum Front Knuckle Arm #SPT2-006OR
    • Aluminum Rear Hub / Knuckle Arm 3 Degree #SPT2-007D3OR
    • Aluminum Bolzen Motor Mount #SPT2-013P/OR
    • Steel Universal Joint Shaft 38mm #SPT2-015
    • Aluminum Ball Bearing Steering Set #SPT2-042OR
  • NOTE: Photos for illustration. Vehicle not included


This is a Yeah Racing aluminum conversion kit for HPI Sprint 2. This kit consists of everything you need to upgrade your Sprint 2 for increased performance and durability due to the minimum friction and flex between moving parts and joints. A premium grade of bearings is included to replace all the plastic bearings on the stock Sprint 2.  Fully adjustable dampers with 5 sets of springs with different stiffness. Both front and rear upper arms are adjustable for camber angels. A solid axle is also included.


  • For: HPI Sprint 2
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Orange

Factory Part Numbers:

  • Model: SPT2-S01OR
  • SKU: 00056963

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