Castle Creations 2028 Series 40mm Motor Cooling Fan


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The Castle Creations 2028 Series 40mm Motor Cooling Fan provides ample cooling for the most demanding of situations. With the ability to plug into a traditional receiver port this dual fan setup is an easy addition to aid in cooling for Castle 2028 (or 56mm diameter) motors. Simply slide the mount over your motor and secure it with two zip ties and you are ready to go!


  • Taller optional 40mm fans can be attached with longer mounting screws.
  • This product is for supplemental cooling purposes only, and should not be used to push the motor beyond its recommended limits or cover up heating issues caused by your setup. If you have any question on how to lower your motor temperature please contact Castle Creations tech support. Temperature drop will vary depending on setup.

Maximum Input Voltage: 8.4v
Maximum RPM: 10,000
Fan Size: 40mmx40mmx7mm
Waterproof: No, remove before exposing fans to moisture.


  • (2) 40mm Fans Installed in Plastic Shroud
  • (2) Black Zip Ties