EcoPower 5-Cell NiMH Hump Receiver Pack w/Rx Connector (6.0V/1500mAh) (ECP-5001)


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This is an EcoPower 5-Cell, 6.0V, 1500mAh NiMH Hump style Receiver Pack. This receiver pack is built using quality 2/3A size 1500mAh NiMH cells and features a JR style connector. This pack will fit into most 1/8th scale vehicles that use a hump style receiver pack. The recommended charge rate for these batteries is 1A for the best battery life and run time, and we do not recommend you charge them at more than 1C (1.5A Max).

Battery Model ECP-5001
Weight 114g
Type NiMH
Capacity 1500mAh
Voltage 6.0V nominal
Connector Type
Configuration 3×2 Hump
Number of Cells 5 Cell
Dimensions (WxLxH) 31.35x53x31.7mm
Maximum Charge Rate 1C (1.5A)

Recommended guidelines for handling 2/3A NiMH batteries:

  • 1. Charge the battery with a quality charger, at a maximum current of 1.5A.
  • 2. Charger cut-off setting: Peak voltage = 5mV per cell, Temperature <55ºC, and best with timer. [Example on Peak voltage calculation: 6-cell pack = 5mV x 6 = 0.03V]
  • 3. The battery can offer high current discharge, and are rated to a level of 5~10A (plug dependent).
  • 4. If you expect to leave the battery idle for >2 weeks, charge it for 1/3 capacity (say, 1A for 15 minutes)
  • 5. Avoid storing the battery in hot or humid environment. Best temperature would be around 20~25ºC.

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