Hot Racing Axial SCX24 LCG Aluminum Steering Servo Mount (Black) (EcoPower/Emax)


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This is the Hot Racing Axial SCX24 (LCG) Lower Center of Gravity Aluminum Steering Servo Mount. This optional CNC machined high quality is intended for the Axial SCX24 micro crawler to reduce the flex found in the stock plastic mount for more precise steering, lower the center of gravity for better crawling ability and improve the overall durability, reliability and performance of your Axial SCX24. Package includes one LCG aluminum steering servo mount with screws.

Note: Not compatible with the factory stock servo


  • Perfect fit for the Axial SCX24
  • Perfect fit for (EcoPower827/Emax)
  • CNC machined black anodized aluminum
  • Lower center of gravity
  • More durable than stock plastic mount
  • Creates a stiffer upper linkage mount
  • Will not flex under high torque servos

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