Hot Racing Aluminum Shock Upgrade Kit For Traxxas UDR (2pcs)


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Hot Racing optional aluminum shock upgrade kit for the Traxxas UDR including bleeder caps, and rod end.


  • CNC machined aluminum construction, anodized black
  • Secondarily processed machined beveled edges
  • Bleeder screws for easy shock maintenance
  • Shock caps include o-rings to setup the shock as an optional emulsion shock
  • Fits stock shocks and Damper without modification


  • Two (2) aluminum bleeder shock caps
  • Two (2) shock cap o-rings (used to setup shocks as emulsion shocks – see comments below)
  • Two (2) ball end with o-ring and ball
  • Kit completes two shocks; four kits required to equip entire vehicle
  • Shocks can be setup as bladder shocks by using the stock bladders (included o-rings not used) or as emulsion shocks by using the included o-rings (bladders not used)

The Hot Racing optional aluminum shock upgrade kit is designed to elevate the performance of the Traxxas UDR suspension system. Crafted with precision using CNC machined aluminum and anodized in black for both aesthetics and durability, the kit boasts an impressive set of features. With bleeder screws for easy maintenance, shock caps featuring o-rings for optional emulsion shock setup, and compatibility with stock shocks and dampers without modification, this upgrade ensures a smooth and convenient installation process. Whether you choose to set up the shocks as bladder shocks or emulsion shocks, this kit provides versatility and customization options for a more refined and enjoyable driving experience.

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